Islamabad, (July 18, 2018): Historically, elections in Pakistan are marred with violence and violations of elections code of conduct. Forthcoming general elections are no different. We are seeing a steep rise in the elections violence, violations of code of conduct and issues of shrinking civic spaces in the country. To this end, Bytes For All in collaboration with CIVICUS and Innovation for Change is launching an innovative campaign known as #IYouWe Peace Pledge Campaign.

This campaign endeavors:

  1. To promote peace, dignity and respect for all voices in the 2018 Pakistan elections;
  2. Not to support people or organisations using hate speech or inciting violence;
  3. To abide by the official electoral Code of Conduct; and
  4. To create a more dignified, equal society in which all people are heard regardless of religion, sex, caste, creed, color and profession.

IYouWePeacePledge campaign is an online and offline campaign, which welcomes the proponents of peace to join hands so that we can promote peace during electioneering and minimize ongoing violence.

Join us on Twitter #IYouWePeacePledge or visit the campaign website and send us your peace pledge.

Jul 18, 2018 By bytesforall