B4A commemorates the World Day Against Cyber Censorship

Islamabad, (March 12, 2020): Bytes for All, Pakistan joins the Reporters Sans Frontier (RSF) in commemorating ‘The World Day against Cyber Censorship’ to advocate for accessible and unrestricted internet for all, irrespective of gender, rural-urban, or divides on economic status. 

The day draws attention to realize that the internet empowers citizens to express opinions and thoughts and access information and knowledge for their socio-economic well-being. 

Bytes for All, an advocate for undivided, open, safe and affordable internet, believes that restricting the internet enables the states to predate and control individual and collective rights of the citizens, including civil and political liberties.

As a technology and human rights organization, Bytes for All believes that unconstitutional regulation of the internet and censorship are not any solutions but are problems. We strongly believe that freedoms, both online and offline, strengthen the democratic processes in the country and promote transparency, openness and good governance.

Mar 12, 2020 By bytesforall