In recent years, Internet and digital communication sphere has become one of the most important tools for expression, free speech and upholding democratic principles and human rights in the country. In Pakistan, this medium is being used by different segments of society effectively, especially youth and human rights groups. With the growing usage of mobile and Internet, comes the perils of digital age from state and non-state actor for the users, especially the vulnerable segments of society including minority groups, women and girls, human rights defenders and media professionals.

We have designed this training to help mitigate such risks and impart learning to circumvent censorship attempts in online spaces. If you are interested to learn and understand about digital safety and security, please register for our training program.

We will conduct two sessions per month with maximum 12 participants in each session. Once you have registered, we will contact you for the next available slot. The program runs on first-come, first-serve basis and open to everyone. 

*Please note that the trainings are free of cost, however, no TA/DA will be admissible.

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